Welcome To Second Chance Reentry

(formerly Nassau Inmate Advocacy)

Our mission is to advocate for humane treatment and care to the segment of our society that is disabled, disenfranchised and vulnerable. We promote “A Second Chance For Reentry” into our communities and society by offering services for all people in need of social programs, with a focus on offenders. We are concerned about young people; men and women who are homeless; re-offense of released offenders; the need for medical and mental health treatment; educational and vocational training; employment, and treatment programs for substance abuse and gambling. We are committed to providing services, referrals and networking in accordance with evidence-based best practices, in a cost-effective manner. We promote community safety by working in conjunction with government justice systems, community development agencies, and non-profit organizations in New York State, with a focus on Nassau and Suffolk Counties and New York City.